Contact with the Path


I’ve been thinking all day long.
I’ve been thinking of my soul.
I’ve been watching how a body
Keeps inside all that is me.
I’ve been searching, I’ve been wondering
Could that spirit be set free?
I’ve been dreaming, analyzing,
Is it this what life is doing?
All you see passes trough life
Before you could even see it,
Trough life the air that you are breathing
For you starts to have a meaning.
Focus and try to believe,
Not in me, in what you’re hearing.
That small voice just you could hear,
Follow it, the greatest gift.
Is it hard of this to think?
Then it’s very, very easy,
Could at all there be what’s evil,
If there’s nothing that is good?
Could there be nothing after life?
Life sure follows all that nothing.
‘cauae i’m finite and I will end,
while infinite we’ll be forever.


A new Ulyses


I’m a poet, who’d have thought?
I’m an artist, i have fought,
I’m a story, i’m a soul,
I’m another, i’m a whole.
Could you stare behind my blue?
Look at me, what do you see?
You shall see what makes me true,
The strong mind that i’ve set free.
I’m a dreamer, i’m a searcher,
In my mind i break the future.
I’m a seeker, i’m no warrior,
Peace, my friend i seek for future.
Could you picture?
A new lecture
With all new that there may be.
Could you see, come, follow me,
Let’s start sailing a new sea.



An infinite blue fluctuates above dreams and love and all that’s known,
Looking likeĀ  part of eternity,
But this blue is doomed to die
By the end of every day.
All does change, the star’s no more,
Giving space to mighty Moon.
Coldness burns trough every bone
As my soul admires the show.
All gets slow, a final blow.
The gone clouds reveal the stars.
Oh, great sky, are those your tears?
Have you seen to much of us?
How we killed and killed and killed?
Are you angry with our kind?
For sure mankind’s been unkind.
There are many, just like me,
That under your might like to be,
That like to dream under your shade,
That as you turn blue slowly fade.

Letter from a cursed legionnaire

Ave,my friend,
Let me begin
Message i send
About our queen
But let me first
Tell what’s the curse
Curse that we have
Since the day we were born.
It loosened our fist,
Saddenned our verse
We are not safe
Alive but dead
Our art is named hate
And yet to this date
We claim unity
From under the weight of a sea.
Before the queen,
Let me remind
She has two daughters
Both made of beauty
And both can save lives
They’re guides trough the present.
One makes us florish
The other brings past to the future
One giver of longer life has been
The other imortality gave to her kind
One did get rid of sorceresses
The other’s intrigued by ther beauty
And still they’re just ladies
And even beauty hides evil
The deadly curse,it hits them too
And great evil trough our world they do.
One made the weapons
The other incited
One plagues created
And the oder illuded
Daughters like this
No mother’s seen.
Before the queen i put the tyrant
The heretical king,
Part of the cause,
Cause of the curse
Destroyer of faith
He is the bait
To heresy.
Monster he is
Only the exiled know
Never he had
Everything was given to him by you,
You are his slave.
Ave,my friend
The queen is dead
Before my eyes
Queen freedom’s head.
We’ll have to roam
With the two daughters
And clean the mess
That has been done.
King has to fall
With him the curse
A curse we bear
Since we were born.


I saw a giraffe

Big tents next to the lake,
I started to go round.
Lions caged inside,
How would i escape?
I saw a giraffe,
It was first time ever.
It looked very sad,
Looked like hope was over.
If I’m thinking better ,
She is like a human.
Others took her freedom
As soon as she was born.
She is just a human,
Tied next to a tent.
Real beasts make profit
While her freedom’s bent.
And just as her long neck
Not straight,cage’s too short
Crooked is her freedom,
Few meters trough the tent.
She came from a kingdom
Where freedom’s not for rent.
And she’s like a widow
That was never married,
She is like a window
That never saw light,
She is like free people
Roaming trough a cage
And she’s like a book
That never had a page.


The death of Marat


He stands in water,sad Marat,
Waiting for the final blow.
And he is ready to just fall,
Here comes the weapon’s glow.

But why to die by hand of human,
A human that you’re helping?
How’d react this desperate woman
If the note she would be reading?

Human nature is not that,not the need for killing
An example’s poor Marat,died while he was helping
No,he was not a saint,still no excuse for murder
Even though he gave his vote in support for the slaughter.

His death did dot make him suffer,but a revolution’s martyr,
Madame Corday passed trough history as evil killer.
I do like to think of her,as of a desperate mother,
A desperate mother that has killed the one that would have helped her.

His death did make him martyr,David made shure of that
And if i’m looking better, i see Caravaggio’s background
After killing he escaped,but did not from the death
When he thought he found salvation,life has turned her back.

Letter to an old friend

My best friend for almost twenty years you’ve been
I’ve always known your dreams and thoughts and all you’ve seen
We’ve been enemies,but now we are at peace
We’ve passed trough life,pain and all disgrace
I look around and get to think you’re elevate
I know you know,you’re my only trusted mate
You are so glad for that i’m fighting for a change
I know for you i’ve never been too strange.
It’s strange writing to you,a poem that you know
You do respect me,but to me can’t bow
I write to you,at the same time you write to me
You are everything i’m going to be.
When i was scarred,my friend,you were afraid
When i was hurt together we found the aid
Often ignored you and for others did my best
Day one we’ve met,when I’ll die in peace you’ll rest.

With this poem i don’t want to seem narcissistic or something like that.It’s a poem in which i talk to myself,but i’m not expressing love for my being.I just want to express the fact that in my life there has always been this person following me step by step,thought by thought,a person that would never betray me and fight for my life until its last breath.We were born at the same time and we’ll leave this world at the same time too.This person of course is me,my essence,soul,spirit,mind,psyche and the many more ways to call it.Like me everyone has this gift following them everywere.
Know yourself and you’ll never be alone.